How it works

Learning by doing, learning with peers, practical goal driven, and experienced remote mentors guiding you the whole way. “0 to productive” in 2 hours / week. The way learning new skills for your job should be.
  • 1
    Week 1: Querying Data
    You will learn to query, sort, and filter single tables in a database.
  • 2
    Week 2: Relating Data
    Join tables, aggregate columns, and use conditional expressions.
  • 3
    Week 3: Analyzing Data
    Modeling and design of relational databases using ERD diagrams.
  • Week 4: Practical project!
    Time to apply your new skills. Design, build and work with the database that's most relevant for you.

Course Syllabus

This 4-week experience covers the foundation of SQL (the ANSI standard kind that works everywhere) and relational database modeling.

After the course you'll able to design and query databases, and use the BI tools adopted by your company. You'll also have more confidence during technical conversations, and be more rigorous when contributing to data-related projects at work.
How it works

 by doing

Complete short, interactive exercises every day. Wherever you are.
How it works

Get personalized
feedback as you learn

Our tech helps our instructors see your progress, to help guide you with personalized feedback and discussion
How it works

Discuss key topics live

Once a week, dig into important concepts or issues during an efficient 1:1 video call
How it works

Apply SQL to your work

Graduate by making a project relevant to your day to day work

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Erica Ryke
Embark Vet.
The course has made me feel comfortable doing SQL for various items at work, where I would otherwise freeze and panic.
Alex Marcus
Slow Ventures
The trade off on knowledge gained vs. time spent vs. amount paid is --in my opinion--super worth it for a motivated professional.
Adam Gries
Material World
The Enki course was insane value for money. Our team member who participated now does analytics and reporting work that was previously assigned to software engineers, and she loves it.
Alex Rabinowitz
This doesn't feel like a remote course because of all the interactive interactions and being able to get in contact with the instructor so easily.

Our clients include:

At EnkiCamp I learned why and not just how - this really helped bolster my understanding of SQL.

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I loved how EnkiCamp allowed me to take an active role in my learning – it wasn’t just a passive process!

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"I loved that I was exposed to different methods of approaching questions, this really diversified and improved my problem solving abilities

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