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Become best-in-class at data through remote, efficient, 1:1 coaching. You'll master SQL and BI tools in 4 weeks, and just 2 hours per week.

Designed for
data-driven teams

Freddie Henjes
I can now create my own reports in less than 30 minutes and explore the database in ways I couldn’t before. The most tangible benefit is that the analysts’ backlog has been significantly reduced.
Marketing, ops and product professionals
Learn to access and analyze data on your own. With data at your fingertips, you'll execute faster. Plus, you'll free up time for your developers.
Business intelligence tool use
We'll give you the SQL and other skills you need to create reports with BI tools like Mode, Tableau, Looker and Periscope.
High-growth teams
We'll make your whole team more data-driven, resulting in faster, smarter decisions to unlock growth opportunities.

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Erica Ryke
Embark Vet.
The course has made me feel comfortable doing SQL for various items at work, where I would otherwise freeze and panic.
Alex Marcus
Slow Ventures
The trade off on knowledge gained vs. time spent vs. amount paid is --in my opinion--super worth it for a motivated professional.
Adam Gries
Material World
The Enki course was insane value for money. Our team member who participated now does analytics and reporting work that was previously assigned to software engineers, and she loves it.
Alex Rabinowitz
This doesn't feel like a remote course because of all the interactive interactions and being able to get in contact with the instructor so easily.

Our clients include:

At EnkiCamp I learned why and not just how - this really helped bolster my understanding of SQL.

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I can now create my own reports in less than 30 minutes and explore the database in ways I couldn’t before. The most tangible benefit is that the analysts’ backlog has been significantly reduced.

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EnkiCamp was the perfect format for busy people - short, concise and well-formulated lessons.

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Empower your team with data superpowers

We'll take anyone in your team from "zero to productive" in SQL. And that's not all...

How it works

This isn't like any other course

We've invented a new learning experience - where top instructors are powered by our modern tech platform. Welcome to the most efficient and convenient training experience in the world.

Learn how it works
  • Ultra efficient and interactive
    No long lectures and videos. 2-3 hours per week, focused on interactive exercises, and learning by doing.
  • 1:1 work with an instructor
    An instructor reviews your work every day, gives personalized guidance, and helps to apply what you're learning.
  • Peer-to-peer learning
    We use group dynamics to help you make the most of your fellow learners, our mentors, and your colleagues.
  • Applied to your work
    All the exercises work towards helping you apply SQL and any BI tools to your work. You'll even make a demo at the end to prove it.
  • 1
    Week 1: Querying Data
    You'll learn to query, sort, and filter single tables in a database.
  • 2
    Week 2: Relating Data
    Join tables, aggregate columns, and use conditional expressions.
  • 3
    Week 3: Tools and analysis
    Learn how relational databases are designed. Learn about your BI tool of choice.
  • Week 4: Practical project!
    Time to apply your new skills. Our instructors and mentors will guide you in executing on a project most relevant for you.

Course Syllabus

This 4-week experience covers the foundation of SQL (the ANSI standard kind that works everywhere) and relational database modeling.

After the course you'll able to design and query databases, and use the BI tools adopted by your company. You'll also have more confidence during technical conversations, and be more rigorous when contributing to data-related projects at work.
« Knowing how data is captured, stored, controlled and deleted is a super power that puts you a cut above the rest »
Stephen Hartley
Head of Local Marketing, Uber

Program designers

EnkiCamp has been crafted by experienced instructors, data scientists and leaders of high-growth companies. We've combined our experience of designing online courses used by over a million people, and training over 7,000 people in person.
Kirill Makharinsky
Kirill is the CEO and Founder of Enki, whose apps have helped over a million people learn technical skills. Previously, he cofounded a data analytics company with hundreds of corporate blue chip clients, and a hotel booking company with over 3 million individual clients.
Jesse Farmer
Jesse is the founder of CodeUnion - a SQL training service used by some of the top companies in Silicon Valley. He also started Dev Bootcamp, a pioneer in the coding bootcamp industry. Before that, he was co-founder and CTO of Everlane.
Liz Howard
One of the top technology and developer educators globally. Liz has 15 years experience as a software engineer, and has also taught 3,000 people in person. She was co-founder of Hackbright and lead instructor at Galvanize and Tradecraft.
Sherif Abushadi
Sherif has had 17 years of experience in teaching 3,500 adults technical skills in person. Led workshops for companies like Stripe and Microsoft, as well as several US federal agencies. Previously part of the founding team at Dev Bootcamp.

Informed by training people at companies like:

The science behind EnkiCamp

Here's a peek into the magic of the technology and AI part of EnkiCamp.
We've automated exercise assignments, real-time assessment, progress analysis, and much more - leaving our instructors to focus on personalized discussion instead
Our instructors have access to an AI data platform which gives them insights and trends on each learner. This helps them deliver the right, personalized experience to each learner
Our learning recommendation algorithms leverage the data from EnkiApp - our mobile application which has helped over half a million people learn SQL in a self-guided way

Pricing options

The tech platform that accompanies the unique format of this course enables us to charge much less than the $2,000 per employee our instructors usually charge for a similar course when delivered only by video.


Plan for individual learners who want to learn SQL

$300 enrollment fee
  • 1-on-1 video sessions with an instructor
  • Discussion with instructors
  • Practical project


A customized experience for teams and companies

$600 for each team member
  • 1-on-1 and team video sessions with instructors
  • For 5 to 100 team members
  • Unlimited discussion and support from instructors
  • Team practical projects and discussion
  • Customized to team and company needs

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